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According to Your Faith

Written by Darlene C.

Children—One of God’s greatest gifts. Yet, are they gifts? Seems to me they are just on loan. He entrusts them to us for a time. You only hope that, when they’re grown, they still seek your advice and help.

I was taught early on, by a very dear family friend, who Jesus is. It was an exciting and indisputable fact that I never questioned. So simple a child can understand. As she read the Bible to me, other scriptures stood out in my mind, such as Isaiah 11:6.

My brother was, and still is, an important influence in my life. He and I used to see how many locust shells we could find that were left on trees or play 52 card pick up. I always fell for that game. They had time for me. The Lord is even more interested. He takes the time to listen. When you belong to the family of God, He never leaves you. That’s His promise, and the one thing He cannot do is lie.

I used to ask the Lord to save my family. Then, one day I remembered something. “According to your faith, so be it unto you.” I stopped asking, and began thanking Him.

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