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Christ's Grace

Written by Regenia B.

2 Corinthians 12:9, “And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.”

Grace is God’s unmerited favor and He is the Divine source from which it comes. No matter what comes our way in this life His grace is sufficient for our every need.

Here Paul was suffering a special and grievous suffering from a thorn in the flesh along with existing infirmities. The Apostles flesh became the battlefield on which Christ would triumph. Paul asked three times for the thorn to be removed, but God did not honor his request. Paul’s prayer was refused because a spiritual answer was granted. God bestowed His grace and His grace was sufficient, not only to bear the pain as an addition to his infirmities already existing, but to enable him to glory in it. It had given him the power to be patient, forbearing and humble. Sometimes Christians are called to a lifelong discipline in the school of sufferings.

Affliction is the antidote for pride.

Grace is sufficient, for what? Sufficient, not only to glory in pain and infirmity, but to glory most gladly and sweetly. The thorn in the flesh became a delight because he could become the dwelling place of the power of Christ.

The perfection of strength is attained through the consciousness of our own weakness. It is not imparted to those who feel that they are strong and who do not realize their need of divine aid.

When we are conscious that we are feeble, and when we feel our need for aid, the Redeemer manifests His power to uphold and imparts His purest consolation.

Paul knew it was a thorn and from where it came. Paul acknowledged God in it.

Christians often fail to see this point, that their sufferings are sent from above and they see in them nothing more than evil casualties. But if we fail to recognize God in the sorrow, we will not find Him in the joy of His blessed promise: My grace is sufficient for thee. We must not forget the state of mind such an affliction produced, the surprise that it should follow such wonderful signs of God’s favor.

We need to set Christ’s strength against our own felt weakness and set Christ’s sufficient grace against all the malice of Satan and his messengers. What strength do we have for bearing? God’s help comes first in him, not in a person’s circumstances. The grace given is grace helping him in his circumstances. God does not promise to alter his circumstances or altogether relieve him from his trouble. God strengthens with strength in the soul, inner strength to bear.

A true Christian is never lost until they have lost heart, and God’s grace is all sufficient.

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