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Written by Darlene C.

We use the term loosely. I have many acquaintances and prayer partners, but few friends. A friend is someone who allows you to be yourself and lets you know they have your back.

A grumpy, no-nonsense nurse comes to mind. Few take the time to look beyond her gruff exterior. I did, and found a true friend. I found an individual whom I admire and respect, and that I know to have a nurse’s heart.

My brother and sister-in-law stuck by me through all the craziness in my struggle to grow up and to find out who I am. They are like parents to me, and my true friends; never judging, just being there.

Jesus knows all and sees all and still hangs in there with us. Most of us went through some craziness growing up, especially teenagers when they get their driver’s license! I am so grateful the Lord allowed me to raise two wonderful sons, but I’m convinced there is a special place in the Lord’s heart for teenagers.

I am constantly amazed at His patience and mercy toward us. He is the epitome of a father, counselor, and protector. His choice. He wants to be our everything. He’s also a gentleman. He will never force us to conform. He deserves our love and respect. Our mission, should we decide to accept it, is to stay tuned in to His still, small voice. We would have a really tough journey through this life without it.

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