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Give Thanks

Written by LaDonna C.

Psalm 50:14

Offer unto God thanksgiving; and pay thy vows unto the most High

It’s the time of year where we gather together with our loved ones to remember all of God’s blessings and share a meal, of way too much food, which usually includes a turkey.

People in the world today have started calling Thanksgiving, “Turkey Day”. This really bugs me. If a person can’t even acknowledge the word “Thanksgiving” or take even one day to be thankful, that person is very ungrateful and selfish. They will miss out on blessings only God can give.

When we give God thanks and praise we feel His presence closer to us. I have said this before and I will say it again, “Nothing feels better than feeling the presence and peace of God within us.” His love for us is the greatest blessing of all. That love caused Him to send His Son, Jesus, to be sacrificed for our sins.

Let’s keep this holiday what it is meant to be. Don’t just fill our tummies with food and watch football on the T.V. Pray for the homeless and hungry children even right here in America.

Be thankful! Oh how He loves us. The least we can do for Him is to remember to thank Him.

Have a “Thankful” Thanksgiving everyone.

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