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Go To Him

Written by Brett T.

I’d share a story about a time I once got in trouble but I’m sure you have heard all the stories in multiple sermons of Dad’s. Now that I’m a father, I see the trouble I could have saved myself had I just went to my parents and presented whatever situation I was in, to seek guidance, rather than digging myself a deeper hole or leading myself down a dark, wearisome path.

While driving to Iowa for work, I was listening to a podcast from Dr. James Dobson about prayer and this really hit me. He said, one reason people don’t pray like they should is because they feel everything in their life must be right. When you are carrying a burden or feel broken, embarrassed, maybe even ashamed, it often can shut you down. GOD WANTS YOU TO COME TO HIM. It’s like when your kids are in trouble. Don’t you as parents want them to come to you, rather than trying to hide the current matter at hand or sweeping it under the rug without confronting it? So much the more, our Heavenly Father is waiting on us, beckoning us to come to Him.

I think we often forget that He is OUR FATHER, and is merciful and compassionate and just waiting for us to cry out to Him for help. It’s times like this when you are struggling, or carrying a burden, that you should be in prayer the most, instead of feeling ashamed or trying to cover up your situation. Don’t be like the little kid; trying to cover your tracks or acting like nothing’s wrong in your life. As us parents can sense danger or heavy heartedness in our children’s lives, so can God. We are fortunate to have a Father wanting us to come to Him with our burdens. Don’t take it for granted.

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