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Go Ye Therefore

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Written by: Carl ~

This troubled young inmate said to me,

“I have lost all hope.”

Jesus commands us in Matthew 28:19—“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations…” Several years ago my motorcycle ministry took our motorcycles into a prison for a day of meeting and ministering to the inmates. We parked the motorcycles in the prison yard and the inmates came out to view the motorcycles and to talk with us. For many this reminded them of the freedom they once knew and for others it reminded them of the freedom they have now lost. One young man hung around close to my motorcycle, but never said much. Finally, when no other inmates were around, he approached me. You may remember the news story of the young immigrant Russian lady that was killed when someone threw a large cinder block off an overpass. That someone was this young inmate that now stood before me. He made a few comments about my motorcycle in an effort to break the ice. I encouraged him to talk as I could tell he needed to get something off his chest. He said he was very scared, he knew he had destroyed his life and he had lost all hope. As we talked, I shared some scriptures with him and told him how that Christ had come to seek that which was lost and more importantly…to forgive. After a while, we knelt by my motorcycle and this young inmate prayed a prayer of repentance and then accepted Christ as his savior. With tears in his eyes as we stood and he hugged me, he said, “I feel like I now have found some hope!” As Christians, we must go to where the lost and unsaved are at. We must seek them and share the gospel of the Good News of Jesus.

~ Carl

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