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He Delivers Me

Written by Carol O.

In Samuel 22, after God has delivered David from Saul and all his enemies, David sings a song of thanksgiving, praise and love unto the Lord. David was so grateful for all God had delivered him from, he sang joyfully.

In Psalm 18 this song is repeated, naming all that God is to David. It also speaks of David’s love for God.

In times of trouble, heartache and doubt, I return to this chapter of the Psalms. It reminds me that all that God was to David, He is to me also! It takes my breath away to think of how He must love us! Because all He was to David then, He is to us now.

Verse 2 states that God is our rock, our fortress. He’s our God, our strength and our shield. He is the horn of our salvation and our stronghold.

When we pray—He hears our cry. He enlightens our darkness. He arms us with strength when we are weak.

In verse 19 David states, “He delivers me because He delights in me.” An amazing thought—that He, our God, delights in us!

What a comforting thought that no matter what I am facing, He is with me—for comfort, shelter and strength.

Whatever you are going through today, you have a God who loves you. A God who wants you to trust Him and allow Him to fill your needs.

God is waiting, you only have to ask.

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