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Mighty Things

Written by Jennifer T.

Sometimes, when we are studying the Bible, the words we read seem pretty basic and we think we understand what we are reading. However, I have learned that the words do not always mean what we think. I’ve learned a way of studying, (Eat the Word), which looks at the original Greek and Hebrew meanings of the words and sometimes it shows a deeper meaning than our everyday English language.

Recently, I was studying Jeremiah 33:3. As I looked deeper at the word meanings, I was intrigued by what “mighty things” meant. The original word actually meant “incomprehensible things”. And digging a little deeper, I found it meant “inaccessible or cut off”. Then I saw that “grape gatherer” was listed as part of the meaning and this struck a chord with me. “What does ‘grape gatherer’ have to do with mighty things?” I wondered. Then I realized, as the person gathers grapes, he is cutting them from the vine. The grapes are “cut off” and no longer have access to the vine. It is “inaccessible”. This is an irreversible thing for the grapes.

Then I realized the point God seemed to be making with this verse. When we are not in communication with God, when we are not “calling out” to Him, we are cut off from the VINE. Fortunately for us, we CAN be reconnected with the VINE. When we call out to God, He will answer us. When I studied that part out, it said, He will pay attention to and respond to us. Then, He will show us things that are incomprehensible, things that are impossible and have been inaccessible. These things cannot come to us any other way than by calling out to God. If we do not call out to Him, we will stay cut off just like a bunch of grapes. But God is the miracle worker, and when we call, He answers.

If you are looking at an impossible situation and feeling cut off (like a bunch of grapes), cry out to Him. He wants us to talk to Him and He’s ready to answer and show us, “great and mighty things which (we) know not.”

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