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Written by Mary W.

As I write this, many memories flood my soul. We read about being obedient to the Heavenly Father and when we do, and surrender all, He rewards us for our complete faith in Him. But, when I was a child all we knew was a very mean, sick, jealous man as a father. We obeyed him because we were afraid and his beatings would go on and on if we did not obey. I could write a book on the sadness of my childhood; but instead I choose to tell you that even then, the Almighty Father had His hand on me, and knew He’d turn my sorrows into joy. He kept me pure till I married my husband (He didn’t have to). He gave me two beautiful children and grandchildren (He didn’t have to). He has blessed me beyond measure (He didn’t have to). All because I believe in His Son, Jesus Christ and try to obey — because it’s right and because I now know a FATHER’S love.

“….that I might know the proof of you whether ye be obedient in all things.”

II Corinthians 2:9b

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