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Oh, I Shall Never Be Moved!

Written by: Larry B.

Psalms 30:6

“And in my prosperity I said, I shall never be moved.”

King David had settled into his kingdom. He was at rest from all his enemies, having defeated all of them. He had spiritual prosperity as well as physical prosperity. He, as we would say, was at peace with both God and man. He was confident that all was well, and he would not be moved. He had become a proud man and with all of this he felt he was invincible.

How can we come to a place where we believe we have spiritual and physical prosperity? We have a hunger for the Word of our Lord, we study, we meditate, we pray, and we serve. As time goes on we can become confident in ourselves believing that we have all the answers and knowledge. We have been spiritually and physically blessed by the Lord. We begin to look at what we have, houses, cars, trucks, money, position and status in the Church, as well as status in the world, etc. We begin to enjoy recognition of others for our many talents and skills we possess. And little by little our humility goes out the window and our pride kicks into high gear.

Ohhh, I shall never be moved. Yes, we begin to puff ourselves up and begin to think others need to look up to us for guidance and direction, because we believe we have all the answers. We act as a mediator between God and our fellow man. That is a good position, however we are not qualified to hold that position. There is someone else God has placed in this special high seat at His right hand, but it is not you or me. This is a seat that was reserved totally for Jesus Christ, Lord and Saviour, which He now fills.

And we wonder why God is allowing us to be afflicted, to cause this misery and pain in our lives. This is a discomfort in our lives which is completely and totally foreign to us. What has caused it? Do we have a lack of communication with God in our prayer closet? Are we really trying to spend quality time with God in our prayer closet? What gives?

Psalm 119:67 says this, “Before I was afflicted I went astray: but now have I kept thy word.”

He who has strayed from God will He afflict, to bring the wandering stray back to the fold. Back to keep His Word and to serve Him in the capacity God has called him to.

Have you become like David, “I shall never be moved!”

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