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The Dignity of the Office

Written by Ben T.

Presidential races are like White Castles, in that you love them, or hate them. And with all the hoopla and the candidates talking out of the corners of their mouths, sometimes it is hard to remember, through it all, the dignity the office holds. But with President’s Day coming up this week, I would like to bring to mind some strengths the office has held and Biblical principals used to form it.

No other office holds the dignity this office demands. When our president stands before other nations, they all listen. They may not like it, but they listen. The strength of our nation, through the armed forces, answers to the president. Bills and budgets require his signature of approval. The president holds a voice on most anything that happens throughout this land.

President Washington could have easily taken the title of King, but turned it down because he knew that although most things he had a voice on, he also knew the office would need legislative and judicial restraints. And even at those restraints, the legislative and executive branch would need to be voted in through the votes of the people. Otherwise the two branches would become a good-ole-boy system of, “If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.”

What am I getting at? Even though this system is set up to help prevent that, it still has had corruption creep in. The duty is ours to keep our government clean. Though it gets old, we must pay attention. Though we sometimes want to give up, we have a duty to our country. And the sad part is, the evangelical vote, the most God-guided vote, has been down for years. Please stand strong. Take pride in your country and seek God’s guidance. Then show up at that ballot box. It is that important.

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