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The Wedding Day

Written by Donna L.

The month of June brings the beginning of Summer. Finally, warmth and even hot days, YES! Sunshine, green grass, flowers, smells of Honeysuckle, the beauty of earth has awakened from a sleeping winter.

Statistics say the month of June brings on more weddings than any other month. The “Love Bug” has come to life: The Wedding Day—the bride adorns herself with a beautiful wedding gown... The groom in his wedding tuxedo... The pastor performing the ceremony... The music starts—the door opens—and here comes the beautiful bride, smiling, tears in her eyes as she grows closer to her groom. The father gives her to the groom. Vows are said to each other. The pastor pronounces them husband and wife—Mr. and Mrs.

The planning, the waiting, the A N T I C I P A T I O N !

Oh my, what a Wedding Day it will be when our Heavenly Father says to His Son Jesus—“Go and get your Bride!”

We have planned for our eternal life. Our waiting, our anticipation, will cease the day that eastern sky opens and a Heavenly Angelic Host will come with our Lord and best groom ever, Jesus the Christ, as He comes after us, the church, His Bride to live with Him forever and ever and ever…….

That my wonderful family will be the perfect Wedding Day!

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