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Ancient of Days

Written by Marlene F.

Last week Rob and I went to the cemetery across from the church to clean and tend the graves of our family members who rest there. My awaiting grave is there also; and as I knelt down by it and began to snip and clean around it, verses from the book of Daniel about his night vision of The Ancient of Days came to mind. The Ancient of Days with His snow white garment and His hair like pure wool sits on His throne that is like a fiery flame with a multitude of people standing before Him. The judgment was set, and the books were opened. Then comes the Son of man with the clouds to The Ancient of Days who gives Him dominion, glory and an everlasting kingdom over all people. Many, many dreadful things will happen on this earth—too dreadful even to think about. But The Ancient of Days has had everything under control from the beginning! Therefore, the judgment shall sit. At the end of time, our Lord will triumph and reign everlastingly over His kingdom, and His saints will live forever with Him!

I thought about the day when I will stand before The Ancient of Days and His Son and give an account. Honestly, I had a wide range of feelings—fear, awe, deep shame and sorrow and more. And it’s only one breath away! It’s almost too much to take in. The Ancient of Days used that day in the cemetery as a teaching tool to emphasize that the time is short, at best, and I need to see all things in that light. God help me as I seek Him and try to love and do His will.

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