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Fight the Good Fight

Written by LaDonna C.

There is always someone fighting for their “rights” in the world today. If only these people could really come to know the One Who gave up all His rights. Jesus had a “right” to refuse to suffer on the cross and just stay in His comfort zone next to His Father in heaven.

There are so many things weighing heavy on my heart as I write this article. This changing world alarms me at times. All that you see online is people fighting for women’s “rights” to kill their unborn without legal punishment. This month has been “gay pride month.” Women want to literally be a man and vice-versa. People we know are falling for this, even claiming the Bible doesn’t say that it’s wrong. They take Numbers 5:11-31 to claim that the Bible accepts abortion. Gays claim that the scripture does not condemn homosexual relationships as they are today, that the Bible was only speaking of forced homosexual acts. They are ignoring the fact that God calls this lifestyle an abomination. Anyone who knows our God, knows He would not approve of killing little babies.

This just heightens the need for God’s children to study His Word and pray like never before. We must fight the good fight, get down on our knees, and fight for our children and grandchildren.

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