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Written by Marlene F.

One evening after American Heritage Girls, I was sweeping and straightening the room. I could hear cheerful conversations outside the room as everyone got ready to leave and say their goodbyes. When the last person left, the door shut, and all the cars had left the parking lot, there was an immediate and deafening silence.

Immediately a verse from Revelation popped in my mind. “And when he (Jesus) had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.” (Rev 8:1) I had been struck by that verse before. I’d never imagined heaven to be a quiet place, but rather a place of singing, praising, rejoicing and fellowshipping with God and all His saints. This silence must mean something very serious is about to happen. I was instantly and deeply convicted. I thought about how I get so caught up in everyday life—just as the people in Noah’s day. Jesus said that just as were the days of Noah with people going about their daily living, so shall it be when He comes again. All their busyness continued until the day that Noah entered the ark, then the flood came and took them all away.

As 2019 closes, I pray, with God’s help, to have done those immediate things that I know God wants me to do, and to work harder in 2020 to do His will.

There’s a lot going on in Heaven and judgement is coming. That’s enough to motivate me to love Him more and try to reach others with His wonderful message.

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