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Written by Ed G.

"Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this:

To visit......." James 1:27

We must be flexible in adapting our Christian faith to every circumstance. If our eyes, ears and hearts are open to the Holy Spirit, He will counsel us in how to address the issues of our moment.

The unfortunate escape of a man-engineered biological weapon virus from an experimental Chinese laboratory has, among many things, created challenges and dangers in our Christian practices and duties. May God help us.

Praying and thinking of those absent from Sunday's gatherings, I was compelled to learn how they were doing. Just calling and finding out seemed best.

Taking the Church Directory, I looked up the phone number of my Sunday School teacher and dialed.

He sounded congested but he and Mary were recovering. Joy. We visited a little on the viral malady and shared that a temporally broken fellowship does not affect the soundness of our mutual faith. It was good and we were both cheered and blessed.

The Directory was open and I was reminded of another family and called, and another, and another. I discovered this was blessing me, perhaps, more than them. They were inquiring about me, delivering cell phone sermons on the times and the Word and asking about others. I was really getting blessed. No forethought, just give it to God and call.

Phone fellowship seems to be a very strong answer for Christians to quarantines and social distancing. If you haven't tried this, give it a prayer and dial.

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